My Testimony

My name is Mark Horowitz. 

Being raised in a nonreligious, Jewish home, I lived my life without ever recognizing I was a sinner and that the forgiveness and love of God was something needed and available to me.

After I got married, my wife, Sharel, started reading the Bible. I wanted to have nothing to do with it. I was hostile to anything that had to do with Jesus Christ. She would say, “Why don’t you believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah?” I asked myself that very question. Was it because of my Jewish upbringing or because my father was Jewish and his father was Jewish?  


I started reading the Bible on my own personal journey of faith. More and more, God revealed his truth to me. By his grace, I am now able to share his Word with others.  

"Nuggets of Wisdom" will help you understand the essence of life by beautifully connecting the Scriptures together, so that, as I did, you will discover:  

Answers that will bring light to the needs, questions, and challenges that we face each day; 


Promises that will bring the fullness of God’s love, truth, and hope to our hearts;  Words that will bring people to a personal encounter and revelation of the Savior, the Messiah, the Word, Jesus Christ.